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Mobile Marketing

Create and strengthen your marketing campaigns for brand awareness, customer acquisition and higher sales.

The number of mobile users has long surpassed the number of desktop users. With the emergence of several new mobile technologies, mobile devices have become an inevitable channel for interaction and consumer engagement. Mobile marketing provides customers with time and location sensitive, tailored information that promotes a company’s products or services and also helps create and strengthen brand awareness.

Targeting and engaging mobile consumers requires attentiveness and it includes many elements such as mobile-friendly website, mobile advertising, email, and more. Cosmowhiz Technologies Pvt Ltd is a full service marketing agency that offers creative mobile website design and application development services to reach out to your target audience for generation of more leads and sales.

Our team will help you address specific audience groups not just according to age, gender and location, but also as per their interests and mobile browsing data. We can help you effectively create, launch and manage your integrated mobile marketing campaigns by creating mobile landing pages, sites and apps to building targeted mobile banner ads and conducting real-time performance analysis and reporting. 

We have an experienced mobile marketing team to create stronger user experiences for connecting and interacting with people on a more personal level. We will develop custom strategies to best meet your particular business needs.


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We provide a bespoke analysis of your mobile marketing strategy and tailor them to meet the business needs. Don’t miss out on a huge business opportunity – go mobile!

Campaign Management

We will help you build, launch and analyze effective mobile marketing campaigns that will engage your target audience on a more personal basis. We will send text messages, create mobile banner advertisements and develop mobile apps and responsive website and landing pages with a stronger call to action.

Mobile First Design & eCommerce

We can ensure a great browsing experience for all users, first we focus our efforts on mobile users and then expand it to desktop. and We will help you launch innovative campaigns with complementary mobile shopping, mobile coupons, mobile payment, and more to indulge customers, increase up-sell and cross-sell. 

Geo-targeting & Geo-fencing Services

We offer geo-targeting services by pinpointing audience based on their location. So, it is easier for you to target only mobile consumers in a specific state or territory. Geo-fencing is a more specialized form of geo-targeting where a virtual barrier is created around a specific geographical area such as within one mile radius from your place of business.

Mobile Analytics ​& Reporting 

Our team can improve targeting by collecting your customers’ profile and behavioral data. We also apply A/B testing to maximize response rates from your target audience, and generate reports based on the performance of various mobile marketing campaigns for a specified time period.

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Let us help you get your business online and grow it with passion. Our highly skilled mobile marketers will help you reduce your customer care costs at the same time improving customer experience with personalized services such as appointment and payment reminders, promotional offers, service status updates and polls, surveys and contest.

Contact us and we will provide a Mobile Marketing strategy that will bring significant returns on investment.


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